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Tampa Law Firms Article:

Florida Physician Hires Tampa Attorney – Files Lawsuit Against Restaurant

The allegations in the personal injury and business negligence lawsuit filed by a Tampa Attorney state that a local restaurant failed to tell a Florida physician how to properly eat an exotic food. The Florida doctor took his family, including his children, to the popular nationwide chain in the fall of 2008 for his wife's birthday celebration.

The physician claims that he was not given proper instruction on how to eat the exotic food-dish served to him by the restaurant owners and the franchise. As explained in the lawsuit, the physician detailed his injuries that he endured and experienced resulting from his dining incident at the Florida restaurant. The doctor presented medical records that showed the hulls from the exotic food became caught and then stuck in his upper intestines, causing him much pain and suffering.

Through the documents filed by the Tampa attorney, the plaintiff-doctor argued and maintained the servers at the restaurant did not show the doctor how best to eat the grilled exotic food. Nor did the servers notice that he was eating the entire platter of exotic food, which is not something anyone should do. The servers did not make the doctor aware that he was eating parts of the entre he was not supposed to be eating. The doctor, after eating the exotic food, according to the Tampa Attorney, began to suffer from relentless and persistent intestinal soreness and pain. Soon after leaving the restaurant, the doctor went to the emergency room, where lodged in his intestines, they found a mass of exotic food pulp, which is indigestible.

The lawsuit, filed by the Tampa Law firm, claims the franchised restaurant and management were negligent by not appropriately training their servers to explain to their customers the correct method of eating such exotic foods. The litigation asked for unspecified compensation for pain and suffering, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, disability and medical expenses, bodily injury, disfigurement and other claims.

The Tampa Attorney, representing the doctor, explained that it takes a refined restaurant patron to be familiar with exotic foods. The Florida lawyer also added that if a person's family or roots are from another country, the difference of cultures may mean that one will believe that it was a food or entre intended to be eaten completely, as with foods from their native country and customs.

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