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Credit Union Law


Formation of New Credit Unions:
We can help you or your organization form a new credit union. We will help you navigate the process by which you can obtain a charter.


Regulation, Compliance, and On-Going Legal Advice:
Established institutions need an attorney to assist with regulation, compliance, and human resources. We also work closely, when necessary with state and federal examiners. Our clients also expect us to be able to answer questions and provide advice on lender liability issues, secured transactions, branch operations, the Uniform Commercial Code, foreclosures, human resources, and any other matters that come up during the business day. We also advise on issues relating to check forgery, bond claims, letters of understanding, modification of by-laws, credit reporting and truth-in-lending compliance, and much more.


Credit Union Law - Florida Lawyer

Credit Unions frequently find themselves in court. We handle litigation on a daily basis, including foreclosures, collection actions, lender liability cases, actions against officers and directors, and regulatory enforcement defense cases. We also make claims for credit unions in bankruptcy court.


Human Resources:
We have assisted our clients to address issues relating to employee dishonesty, claims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment, and unemployment claims. We also develop human resources programs for credit unions, assist with employee benefits, and draft Codes of Ethics for our clients to help them cope with the changing regulatory environment.


Document Drafting & Preparation:
We help our clients structure asset and real estate-based loans, cross-collateral transactions, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and much more.


The Firm stands ready to assist its banking clients with in-house or external fraud investigations, inquiries into alleged customer forgeries, and confidential employee investigations.


Credit Union Law - Florida Lawyer

BKN Murray LLP Credit Union Law practice group has been representing credit unions for many years.


Our Rates:
We offer reasonable rates and retainers for institutions that hire us on an ongoing basis. Please call Chris Robbins at (800) 934-5999.

If you would like to consult with an attorney regarding a legal matter, or if you have questions about what you have read on The Florida Lawyer Website, then please contact us at (800) 934-5999. BKN Murray. LLP has offices in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Denver CO.


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